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Florida Spa Association

About the Florida Spa Association

The Florida Spa Association (FSA) is a great organization for networking professionals to build new working relationships with others within their field. The Florida Spa Association also provides continuing education, access to new products, services and employment opportunities throughout the state of Florida. Stay ahead of the curve when operating your business.

Florida Spa Association members have access to a wealth of advanced educational information best practices and the highest quality employees in Florida. Expose and grow your brand. The Florida Spa Association provides integrated spotlight programs, continuing education seminars, and one-on-one connection programs to help your products succeed. We invite you to join and chart a new successful path.

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Reap all the benefits that come with it – get the latest information and trends about spa products, spa services and wellness, connect with industry professionals as well as enjoy educational sessions within our events.

Wellness Program

FSA Wellness Program
Bring more awareness on health and wellness to your spa. Create a healthy and balanced work environment and lifestyle and benefit from our progressive approach towards wellness.

Upcoming Events

Calendar of Events
Check out all the exciting, upcoming events that the FSA has lined up for 2018. To include spa showcases, networking events and more. You don’t want to miss any of these events.

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