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Water Peels Are the Latest K-Beauty Craze

While this trend hasn’t hit the U.S. with full force yet, the water peels or aqua peels K-Beauty trend has definitely gained major popularity in the Korean beauty space. These treatments are currently trending in Korean cosmetic clinics, so it won’t be long before we adopt them stateside.

Water Peels 101

Aqua peels have gained a lot of traction for a number of reasons:

  1. They are an express treatment, which is also a trend right now.
  2. They give you a dewy hydrated appearance
  3. They can treat anything from pigmentation to dryness

So first things first, what even is this treatment? This treatment uses an exfoliating water-based gel and a suction device to loosen up and pull the debris out of pores, remove blackheads and flood the skin with hydration.1 This K-Beauty trending treatment is often combined with other active ingredients to really deliver results to the skin.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “well that sounds familiar.” And you would be right. Many compare this treatment option to the HydraFacial device that we use in the U.S. Especially since the same tool that is being used to exfoliate and “de-gunk” the skin is also being used to infuse hydrating ingredients back into it. Also similar to the HydraFacial, the aqua peel is also a very popular treatment choice before a big event like a wedding, since they give a dewy and bouncy glow to the skin.2

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Water Peel Benefits

The benefits of this K-Beauty treatment are very similar to other hydrating treatments and peeling gels. This treatment provides smooth, radiant and even skin while not causing irritation or sensitivity. Similar to HydraFacial treatments, water peels help to unclog pores, infuse hydration back into the skin, soften skin texture and remove debris.2

Another major benefit is that this is a fast treatment option. A current trend that consumers are moving toward are “fast facials” or “express treatments.” These type of treatments typically fall in a quick and budget friendly category, similar to these aqua peels. This treatment is also gentle enough for sensitive and acneic skin types, since it is not harsh or abrasive to the skin.2

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Looking Forward With This Trend

This specific treatment trend has not necessarily hit U.S. soil yet, but we do have a close comparison. I think it’s safe to say that we might see some more K-Beauty style advancements coming from HydraFacial as this trend grows more and more popular. HydraFacial is already an incredibly popular treatment in the U.S. and for good reason, and they are known for their medley of boosters that they provide through collaborations with brands and experts. I can see this trend taking form through HydraFacial in the very near future.

Many brands in Korea are also currently working on replicating the water peel in an at-home product to allow consumers to occasionally skip the spa or dermatologist. Some of the products being created to mimic this gentle exfoliation style are being called peeling gels.2

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When it comes to you and your spa, if you have a HydraFacial treatment…flaunt it! Many experts are saying that these aqua or water peels are very similar to HydraFacial treatments, so don’t be afraid to point that out now, especially while this trend is still growing internationally. If you have consumers asking about aqua peels, you should definitely educate them on how HydraFacials are an excellent alternative to these trending treatments.

By: Maggie Walker for Skin Inc.


**K-Beauty Trends are trends that started out in Korea