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Once again, we want to advise you of a current scam targeting massage therapist

If you receive an email notifying you that your license has been flagged or placed on hold, disregard the message. Members have recently notified FSMTA of an email that reads as follows:

“Our license verification system has flagged your profile information as INCOMPLETE due to incomplete personal information we currently have regarding your license. Your license have been temporarily placed ON-HOLD and will be subjected to INACTIVE if we do not hear from you. To re-instate your license status, use the link below and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you have provided the required information, we will review and re-instate your license within 24 hours.”

(Note: The message comes from an email address that is clearly not an official email. Some may even by signed Florida Board of Massage  Any errors/typos in the preceding message have been left intentionally.)

The link included with the email asks for personal information, credit card information, Social Security Number, etc. For your own protection, do not click on this link or respond to the email. If you receive one of these messages, please report it to the FL Board of Massage Therapy and FL Department of Health.