FSA Holiday Soiree’ Membership Drive Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, November 16, 2022

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We celebrated the FSA Holiday Soiree’ annual membership drive at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort and had a memorable time! The Carillon offered a wide variety of treatments and services for our spa leaders to experience innovative touchless treatments to relax, rejuvenate, and restore balance. From high-tech spa programs like cryotherapy, sound and light therapy– there was something for everyone!

An educational seminar was held led by Ian McIntosh, Board Member of the Florida State Board and Board Chair of the FSMTA.  He highlighted key points in regards to staying compliant and functioning within state guidelines. He emphasized that businesses should be familiar with the laws and understand what is required to stay in compliance. He also discussed the importance licensing and certification that are regulated and required by the state. Finally, Ian highlighted the importance of keeping accurate records. As a result of the seminar, attendees were provided with greater knowledge and resources to help their businesses remain compliant and successful. The FSMTA is committed to educating our members on state laws and regulations, so that Florida spas can continue providing excellent service in accordance with legal standards.

The day progressed onto an exciting showcase with FSA Resource Partners exhibiting their brands and offering a sneak peek into 2023.  The showcase provided an opportunity for spa attendees to network, explore and experience products firsthand. There were a variety of products ranging from spa treatments and equipment to health and beauty products. Spa attendees had a chance to learn about the latest trends in the industry as well as mingle with friends and colleagues. 

Once sunset approached Wine was passed around alongside a variety of delicious hors d’oeuvres and picturesque crudité at our Cocktail Reception.  A champagne toast was made in a tribute to memorialize our beloved friend and industry colleague, David Bremer, that recently passed away.  A moment of silence was held in his honor and memory. 

We also toasted to our good friend and co-host Tammy Pahel, VP of Spa for her generous support in collaborating with the FSA to provide such a special event for our spa community.

The FSA later introduced a new VIP program for spa leaders to excel beyond in their roles. Spa leaders who qualify as VIPs will receive additional training and resources to help them become even more successful. We are proud to offer our spa leaders the opportunity to become members of this exclusive club and we look forward to seeing them reach even greater heights in their roles.

The evening ended with many spa leaders winning exceptional raffle prizes and on lucky winner received a Carillon sponsored  “3+ME Spa Getaway”, spa package for the winner and 3 friends to experience spa treatments and a full day of indulgence at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort.

The FSA Holiday Soiree’ was an incredible event and one that we will never forget!