FSA “Hip City Vibes” event – April 2022

      by | Jun 5, 2022 | Past Events | 0 comments

      Fortuity transpires when opportunity presents itself and this was the magic amongst our spa community at the FSA “Hip City Vibes” event, which was a paramount event in Tampa at the JW Marriott on April 5th, 2022.  It unquestionably topped the charts, exceeding all our expectations.

      ​We are so grateful to all our Resource Partners that contributed to the success of this event and to our Spa Leaders that participated to make it so special.

      The Expo Showcase was held in the JW Marriott Plant Ballroom with 34 innovative Resource Partners displaying an array of highly requested spa products, ranging from skin care, spa wear to devices and equipment.  The variety of products and services offered at this event covered just about every facet necessary to operate a spa. 

      A healthy plated lunch was provided for all guests as they sat together engaged with one another, happy to be back, united and connecting with industry peers. 

      A panel presentation titled “The Paradigm Shift” was featured, spearheaded by FSA Board Members and Leading Industry Professionals who offered valuable insights and takeaways on industry changes in the spa space through many lenses.  The panel provided a level of understanding for this new wave of leading to empower both Spa Leaders and Resources Partners for today’s success.

      The event wrapped up with an enjoyable cocktail reception offering a tasty Mediterranean crudité along fine wines and Prosecco as interactive guests mingled. 

      The day proved to be a dazzling experience enjoying the harmony of our community and the gift of togetherness.   Thank you to all our Resource Partners, Spa Guests, JW Marriott Team and to our astonishing Team FSA!