FSA “Mingle & Jingle” Holiday Mixer – December 7th, 2021

      by | Dec 29, 2021 | Past Events | 0 comments

      We held our annual Holiday Mixer, for the 4th year in a row, at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort and it was Epic! Positively one for the books! 

      Our very 1st Holiday Event Membership Drive was held at the Carillon in 2018  and became an annual happening, to celebrate our vendor partners and spa leaders.  It was our way of saying “Thank You” to our Spa Community for their support and get into the spirit of the holidays.

      The FSA continued this holiday tradition every year since, even in 2020 when COVID had infiltrated our lives.  At that time, the FSA Mask & Mingle Wellness event was held safely, taking every necessary precaution so that our spa members could gather as a community under extraordinary circumstances. 

      This year, the FSA “Mingle & Jingle” Mixer was such a welcomed engagement, demonstrating our growth as an association by building our community, making it bigger and better. 

      The greatness of a community is measured by the considerate actions of its members and the ability to make decisions while building relationships through affiliation.  The unity of our spa community strengthens us and along with collaboration, extraordinary things do happen!

      It is with much gratitude for Tammy Pahel and the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort for their partnership in hosting our annual holiday mixers over the years and especially this one, our “Mingle & Jingle” mixer which was exceptional.

      We are very thankful to our Vendor Partners for their participation and continued support.  We have an astounding Spa Community and overjoyed that we once again united to ring in the holidays at the FSA “Mingle & Jingle” mixer and make that day so special!