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      The Florida State Board of Massage Therapy held their quarterly board meeting on October 28th and 29th at the Renaissance World Golf Resort in St. Augustine.

      During this meeting there were two rules discussions that were of interest.

      The first rule of interest was pertaining to distance learning for Continuing Education (CEs) for the 2021-2023 biennium. During this renewal cycle LMTs will be able to continue to receive their Continuing Education credit through distance learning (i.e. zoom webinars).  Twelve of the CEs must be in the category of relevant to the practice of massage therapy, in a regular renewal cycle these hours would be referred to as hands on classroom hours (in person).

      The second rule created clarifies what is required of LMTs for “Massage Therapy Assessment”.

      Under Florida Statute 456, Massage Therapy is classified as a medical profession and further defined by Florida Statute 480.  Under 456 it states patient/client records must be create and maintained (F.S. 456.41(4)).

      The new rule for “Massage Therapy Assessment” defines what that entails:

      The synopsis of this rule is an intake form for all Massage Therapy Treatments is required and all subsequent patient/client records kept are to determine any changes in their status, treatment, and contraindications for Massage Therapy Treatment.  This protects both the patient/client and the LMT as well as the Massage Therapy Establishment.

      Ian McIntosh, FSMTA Board Member, will be the Featured Speaker at the FSA “Mingle & Jingle” Holiday Mixer at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort on December 7th to clarify new state guidelines on massage therapy and answer all questions to alleviate any concerns.

      The FSA in collaboration with FSMTA are in the works for scheduling a Zoom meeting to cover all information regarding the new rule for “Massage Therapy assessment”.  The FSA will provide an invitation to the Florida Spa Community for this Zoom Call.

      If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ian McIntosh legislativechair@fsmta.org.