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      The Florida Board of Massage Therapy (BOMT) met April 8 and 9. There were several disciplinary cases as well as rules discussions to update commonly used forms (e.g. Application for Massage Therapist licensure, Massage Establishment Licenses).  Two new BOMT members were added, pending confirmation by a senate committee. The BOMT is now complete with these two additions.
      On August 31 of this year all Massage Licenses and Establishment Licenses are required to renew. Please feel free to share the following link with all of your LMTs to ensure they are educated on the requirements for this renewal cycle.
      On April 1 the Massage Therapy bill (HB245) passed in the Florida House unanimously. The companion bill in the Florida Senate (SB352) currently has one committee before it heads to the Senate floor for a vote. In both bills the main purpose is updating and modernizing the Massage Therapy Practice Act. One other change would be the addition of the term assessment and its definition.
      If you have any questions pertaining to Law or Rules pertaining to Florida Massage Therapy please feel free to contact legislativechair@fsmta.org