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      In February, the FSMTA Legislative Team met with several key members of the Florida Legislature to promote the massage therapy profession. Due to covid all of these meetings were through zoom. The 2021 Legislative session started last week. The FSMTA has a bill in both the house and the senate, which consists mostly of language cleanup.  During the first committee meeting the bill passed unanimously. We will have more information to share as the Legislative session progresses.
      The FSMTA Legislative Team was also able to enlist the assistance of a legislator to communicate with the governor’s office the need for new members on the Florida Board of Massage. The Board of Massage is supposed to consist of 7 members, currently the board only as 4. Most of the terms of the remaining members expired several years ago. These members have agreed to extend their commitment in order to maintain a functioning board. Florida LMTs that would be interested in applying to be on the Board of Massage please have them contact the following for more information: legislativechair@fsmta.org