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      ZENTS is a mindful body and skincare company with a mission to give back, support the local and global community, and bring deeper healing for the skin and beyond. With an unyielding focus on premier quality formulas and results-driven ingredients, they’ve created their three ultra-clean, cutting-edge collections featuring age defying youth boosters, nourishing naturals, and opulent organics. What makes their products unique is their commitment to deliver relief from stress in each of their luxurious formulas. They’ve included stress-busting organic flower essences for wellness from the inside out, and a full collection of CBD wellness and skincare products to help address the stress we all face in our everyday lives.


      ZENTS founder Cord Coen began his healing journey working as a therapist with a focus on Craniosacral and alternative healing modalities in Boulder, Colorado. A life-changing car accident left him with injuries to his brain and body that, after a year of intensive therapy, doctors said wouldn’t improve. This led him to India for a year and a half of intensive therapy, yoga, breathing, meditation, and herbal medicine taken internally, which healed the parts of his body and mind that doctors had said were impossible to heal. Out of this place of healing and a second chance at life, Cord started ZENTS. It is his mission and passion to remind people that healing is possible for everyone.

      Z E N T S Collection

      The ANTARA Organics Collection of full-spectrum CBD formulas delivers on the highest standards for purity, potency, and transparency in CBD skincare. Nourishing formulas feature organically grown full spectrum hemp extract to deliver a host of beneficial plant compounds to the body as well as “Zen blend” flower essences to bring calm and relief from stress. The collection includes ingestible vitality tinctures, topical balms and oil, and a luxurious effervescent bath bomb.

      The BESPOKE Collection is a full range of deeply hydrating, healing and age-defying body care in 10 different gentle and compatible aromas. Each aroma is designed to be beautiful when worn independently, and is also compatible with other aromas in the collection, giving the wearer an opportunity to engage their creativity and sense of play. Scents were vetted by our highly scent sensitive founder, Cord, who states, “any aroma that gave me a headache simply didn’t make it into the collection.” As a result, these aromas are coveted by the scent sensitive. Despite its careful attention to sophisticated aromas, the BESPOKE Collection also remains highly rooted in results-driven body care. Its dual focus on bringing consumers the best of both worlds—high end perfume and clean skincare—offers a unique approach to modern beauty and presents a unique find in the marketplace.


      The UNZENTED collection is an ultra-clean, multipurpose unscented line that is ideal for moms-to-be, people with sensitivities, and skincare purists. Its scent-free approach makes it the perfect body care product to pair with perfume or cologne—always clash proof. A favorite of people who value simplicity, but aren’t willing to sacrifice on quality, UNZENTED is a one-stop-shop for the skin, no matter what life brings. Not only is the collection gentle enough for everyday use by people with eczema, psoriasis, and other skin sensitivities, but it’s powerful enough to take on skin challenges at any age. From prenatal skin care to age defying hydration to the stress-busting flower essences in each product, this collection has something for everyone.

      The three collections, ZENTS, UNZENTED, and ANTARA, can be found at luxury retailers, at the finest 5-star spas and resorts worldwide, and online at www.zents.com and www.antaraorganics.com.


      We believe in taking care of our planet, using wind energy, LED lighting, recycling practices, working with local suppliers, and FSC sustainable papers. Our bottles are recyclable and our stones can be beautifully repurposed to house treasured items.

      ZENTS was born out of founder Cord Coen’s personal healing journey. Founded in beautiful Boulder Colorado with the desire to uplift people.

      We believe in supporting small local economies, both in our community and around the globe, from women’s co-ops in Africa to small organic and biodynamic farms like our own.

      We believe in protecting animals. Our 100% cruelty-free products are happily human-tested on ourselves and our dear friends.

      We believe in the power of clean ingredients, from organic hand-harvested shea butter, organic aloe and organic lotus to flower essences grown on a Demeter-certified Biodynamic® farm.

      Vegan • Gluten Free • Cruelty Free
      Formulated without parabens, phthalates, propylene, glycol, dyes, sulfates, and palm oil