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ReFa began with the conception of a single beauty roller.  Was it possible to replicate the professional caliber of an estheticians hand manipulations in the form of a home-use beauty device?

Meet ReFa, a line of luxury face and body rollers designed with a gentle micro-current for a relaxing facial and body massage. Each ReFa roller targets a different area, from the delicate skin under the eyes, to the temples, between the eyebrows, the jawline and even the neck and shoulders. A ReFa rolling regimen can be used on the body as well, like the arms and thigh area, so you can experience a contouring effect that’s an indulgent way to self-care. It’s like bringing a bit of the spa home with you, for those moments when you need to reset and unwind.

Designed to mimic the facial massage technique of an esthetician, the line of ReFa rollers is platinum-coated and uniquely designed to refine and tone for a more rejuvenated appearance.  Rolling is a self-care ritual that just happens to give you a gorgeous glow.

More than rollers, the ReFa line includes luxe skincare that enhances the rolling experience. You’ll find everything you need for an indulgent home-spa experience. The ReFa CLEAR, a 3D sonic ion cleansing brush with ultra-fine, baby-soft KUMANOFUDE bristle tips, is unlike any cleansing brush on the market. The ReFa CLEAR comes in three settings for a gentle yet deep pore cleansing without stripping or scratching skin.

Also find the ReFa MIST set, which lets you experience a spa-like beauty treatment from your bathroom for the ultimate hydration. Inspired by Japanese hots springs, the ReFa MIST sprays atomized moisturizers onto the skin using a stream of 99% pure carbonation. Hygienic and so easy to use, the ReFa devices are meant to pamper and bring a state of calm to your beauty routine, grounding you in the ritual of self-care. It’s really up to each person to find a regimen that works for them. That’s the magic of bespoke at-home skincare sourced by the pros.