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The Convergence of Wellness and Senior Living Spells Opportunity

Many of you know last August I started my weekly business podcast Glowing Older: Innovation in Senior Living. My biggest takeaway from 3 seasons is that new models of senior living won’t be called senior living at all. The most common objection to moving into senior living is, “I don’t want to live with a bunch of old people.” This sentiment will grow stronger as Boomers find their voice in retirement.

Non-age-segregated models exist today like Merrill Gardens at The University in Seattle is 3 blocks of housing in a triangle comprising seniors, graduate students and non-tenured professors; Kendal Senior Living at Dartmouth, Oberlin, Cornell, Washington and Lee Universities fosters intergenerational connections. The college students and children from the Kendal Early Learning Center enrich residents’ lives.

We will see a blending of hospitality and healthcare for all ages. Increasingly, spa services combined with fitness, nutrition, and functional medicine in a customized, person-center approach to combat stress, improve immunity, and increase “health span.”

Iconic wellness resorts like Canyon Ranch, Miraval, Red Mountain, and Rancho La Puerta have created impromptu wellness communities surrounding the hub of the resort.

“Homeowners become part of the extended family at Canyon Ranch locations. They connect with other homeowners, repeat guests, and staff,” said PR Rep Joshua Kelly, sharing a group response from the Canyon Ranch team. “A key driver of home purchase at Canyon Ranch is the desire to be part of a like-minded group of people committed to a health and wellness way of life. Community is a cornerstone of health and happiness. Many of our homeowners were longtime repeat guests before purchasing and developed powerful connections with other guests, staff, or simply the environment.”

Best-in-class senior living will create person-centered, vibrant cultures of growth and inclusion. Look for more spa professionals to shift into exciting careers in senior living and purpose-driven wellness communities. Email me at [email protected] to learn more!


Nancy Griffin, Principal
Contento Marketing
[email protected]