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Sophisticated Massage That Makes a Difference
Premium CBD Wellness for therapeutic relief and overall wellness

When you meet Jennifer Galvin and Kelly Stoll in person, what immediately comes across are their warm personalities. clear dedication, and passion for their business.  These two women are both bodyworkers and savvy entrepreneurs who have not only built two thriving businesses together but have done so out of a deep dedication and desire to make a difference in the lives of people who use their products. That commitment to serve both their own community of Santa Cruz and the larger spa and wellness community is one of the core foundational values upon which Vital Body Therapeutics is built.

Jennifer and Kelly have spent their lives helping people manage their pain. They met 15 years ago to collaborate on a project to develop curriculum and co-teach for an advanced massage therapy training program. Along with their teachers, Marc Donahue and Brian Johnson, both Advanced Rolfers®, they created a curriculum that focused on relationship anatomy, fascial manipulation and the physiology of touch, with the goal of elevating the educational standard in the industry proving that intelligent bodywork has the power to change people’s lives.

In 2011, they created Vital Body Therapy, a clinical spa reflecting their vision of bodywork as a necessity for a healthy life. Employing therapists with a background in injury specific treatment modalities and a shared vision for therapeutic bodywork, they created a thriving and beloved spa for their Santa Cruz community. Jennifer and Kelly, along with their team of therapists, have treated over 50,000 people in their clinic and can honestly say that they know what works and what doesn’t for pain.

In 2017, after hearing hundreds of their clients’ success stories with using cannabis to treat and manage their pain, Jennifer and Kelly began their own research into topical CBD. Finding a lack of high quality and effective products on the market, they were inspired to create their own line and Vital Body Therapeutics was born. In light of the national opioid crisis and their direct clinical experience, it became very clear that they could make a huge impact by formulating their own high quality, spa grade CBD massage cream.

Their movement into the CBD space was quite different from many of the other companies selling CBD today. They did not have a background in retail, marketing, brand management or manufacturing. They started out like many others do – at home in the kitchen.  Having spent 10 years formulating massage cream for their staff, the idea of creating CBD pain relief products didn’t seem impossible. After developing the recipe, they had the distinct opportunity to try it in their spa and use the feedback of their massage therapists and clients to refine it to perfection.

One of the defining characteristics of this company is that they are never willing to sacrifice efficacy over profit.  This means ingredients are chosen with care and concern both for purity and ecological sustainability, organically sourced when possible, and their products are beta-tested by their staff of bodyworkers at Vital Body Therapy as well as by their personal clients.

Their CBD product line was a natural extension of their core belief that movement, bodywork, and natural medicine is the key to a healthy and pain free life. Through the thoughtful application of CBD and bodywork, thousands of their clients have reduced their need for pharmaceutical drugs and invasive surgeries. This is a testament to the success and vision Jennifer and Kelly bring to the field of health and wellness. They remain inspired everyday by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from their staff clients, and customers as to the power of CBD to decrease pain and enable an active life.

Today, they straddle the demands of running a thriving spa with the monumental task of rapidly scaling a CBD company. They moved from the kitchen to the garage and now manufacture and distribute in a 5000 square foot facility. They continue to do everything with integrity and are always aspiring to grow as leaders and business owners. They are grateful for their team of over 30 people who continue to serve each client and customer with love and respect.

If you’d like to learn more about Vital Body Therapeutics or their products, feel free to connect with them via social media under Vital Body Therapeutics at Facebook and Instagram or via email at [email protected].