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      Time to Pause and Rethink Retail …

      As retail in the spa and hotel industry continues to evolve, La Costa is faced with the challenge of creating one-on-one experiential interactions that touch multiple senses and elevates their offering to something unique and different from other retail establishments and superior to on-line shopping.

      They offer products that are:

      • Unique and exclusive within their category
      • Handcrafted and/or small batch production
      • Local and/or small business
      • Synergize with other category offerings, e.g. organic, luxury, crystal, etc.
      • Align with your target market in terms of lifestyle, cost, quality, etc.

      They stay away from:

      • Items that can easily be found elsewhere
      • Discounted and/or common items
      • Low quality
      • Big manufacturing and big company
      • Products made by companies that are not “Fairtrade”

      As La Costa develops plans to reopen in spas and retail this coming season, they are extra vigilant on what they chose to offer clients.  Their goal is to make a shopping experience overwhelmingly special and uncommon, so that clients understand how much they are valued.  This in turn creates loyalty and elevates a client’s interest in returning to purchase.

      A Personal Note from Soraya

      “I want to sincerely thank the FSA board and members from the bottom of my heart, for your support over the past seven years.  Without your trust and encouragement, La Costa would not have been possible.”

      My amazing team and I work tirelessly to capture a “Style for Every Moment” so every woman feels confident and beautiful when wearing La Costa.

      Thank you again for all your support.  My team and I are so blessed to have you as part of the La Costa Family.”

      With love and gratitude,


      Considering a little retail therapy?  Contact www.LaCostaOrganicJewelry.com