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      As a graduate from George Washington University in Computer and Information Systems, Soraya started her professional career in telecom computer software sales and marketing.  After a dozen years of long hours and travel away from her wonderful husband and two amazing children, Soraya decided to leave the corporate world.  During this time she started creating jewelry that she would sell to family, friends and at local craft fairs.  Realizing she had a special and discerning skill for designing jewelry, at age 50, she decided to pursue her passion and created La Costa Organic Jewelry.

      Soraya commented as she embarked on her journey into the highly competitive jewelry market, “I’m going to create affordable luxury jewelry that is truly different and special, accessible to all women, helping them to feel beautiful and confident!”   Today, Soraya and her staff work tirelessly and enthusiastically to design each La Costa style, collaborating with master fine jewelers, who transform Soraya’s sketches into reality.  Soraya’s analytical and creative skills uniquely blend art, style and function.  She is a true pioneer in designing jewelry that easily transitions into different styles and looks, offering flexibility to meet the demands of today’s woman whose life takes her from casual to business to glamorous in a blink on an eye.

      La Costa first joined FSA in 2014.  Soraya firmly believes that the trust and encouragement from FSA’s Board and members have positively impacted and propelled La Costa’s growth and success.  With FSA’s support, Soraya and her talented team seem to have achieved what most would have thought to be impossible, becoming an established prominent brand.

      According to Soraya, “Building a company from an idea is not for the faint of heart.  You are always working, planning, thinking, building connections, etc.  The key to making it successful, is it should truly be a passion, transcending work and becoming a labor of love.  When creating La Costa, I wanted to capture a brand that spoke to women, that was functional yet beautiful.  We spend months of thought and design on each La Costa piece, collaborating with master fine jewelers in Europe, who then transform my sketches and designs into reality.  Each of our La Costa pieces are handcrafted with much skill and love, where no two pieces are ever truly the same.  Today, I feel so blessed to not only get to design gorgeous jewelry, I get to work with amazing people and I get to give generously to charities. No matter what you do today or how old you are, with hard work, determination and wonderful professional people such as FSA members, there’s no limit to what you can do.  I know it sounds cliché’ but it’s true, to follow your innate passions and take one step forward every day. You’ll be impressed and proud of your achievements in just 1 year!”

      Soraya Thornton