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Introducing “Knowledge Nuggets” for our spa community by Nancy Griffin

Nancy has more than 25 years of experience in wellness and hospitality.
As the Principal of Contento Marketing, she specializes in  business development and public relations—leveraging brands for optimal exposure. She has represented more than 100 brands in spa, skincare, retail and wellness.
Let’s get those “nuggets”!

Knowledge Nuggets from Nancy

A big thank you to Ilana for giving me the opportunity to share some “nuggets” of wisdom from my 25 years as a marketer in the spa industry.

Yet today, drawing on years of experience is challenging. This “next normal” is anything but business as usual. The entire hospitality industry has been hit harder than 9/11 and the 2008 financial crash combined. We are all suffering from downsizing, layoffs and shrinking budgets. There is no playbook for this.

What history does tell is that a downturn is no time to stop marketing. This applies today, with some caveats. People are raw and trigger easily—so tread lightly. Our bullshit detectors are highly attuned. Here are some tips to navigate.

    • Out of crisis comes opportunity. Whether you are spa operator, resource partner, or consultant, telling your story of overcoming challenges or creating solutions will establish you as a thought leader and industry innovator.

    • Stay in touch with your client base with authentic and transparent communication. Share at-home wellness tips and do-it-yourself spa experiences.

    • My criteria for inclusion when posting on social media are: 1. Is it positive? 2. Is it inspirational? 3. Is it educational? If the post does not hit one of these three, I pass.

    • Avoid tone-deaf ad campaigns and cliches like “pivot” and “unprecedented times.” (I was tempted to use both in this post but stopped myself!)

  • For trade pubs, share success stories (good news yay!), promotions, business solutions like online education, sustainable and charitable efforts, and (of course) Covid-19 recovery and solutions.

Have a story to tell?  Send me an email [email protected]