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Jessica Wadley, Vice-president, business development, integrative health and wellness

How has Oakworks adapted its product development for post-lockdown spa operations?

As a medical equipment company, we have a measured approach to developing new products. Our new Oakworks Shield creates a large barrier between client and therapist to force aerosols to travel approximately six feet before reaching the other person. Anything less is likely to offer little help with minimizing exposure. The shield is on a moveable stand and allows aestheticians to reach under it to touch the client.

How can spas ensure hygiene levels?

Any textiles, such as sheets, blankets and accent items must be replaced with fresh ones for each client. Oakworks specializes in medical-grade IS0-10993 treatment bed covers that can provide a hygienic barrier between the table, any heating elements or additional padding you may have, and traditional textiles that you may be dressing your bed with. Our fitted table covers are long-lasting, can be machine washed and will not erode with the approved list of EPA-listed disinfectants designed to fight Covid-19 and other viruses.

How can spas encourage guests to return to them with confidence?

Confidence is born out of believing that the spa is knowledgeable and caring. The first step is to create a clear statement online that reflects an understanding of the risks, providing a detailed description of rules and protocols designed to minimize them. Prior to the guest’s arrival, call them to explain what to expect in the way of temperature checks and mask policies. You can also take this time to address any other wellness concerns. Once a client arrives, they must see this information presented again in writing and observe the spa doing what they said they would do.

How does your equipment support spas?

All of our equipment and accessories are covered with IS0-10993 TerraTouch fabric that has a list of hospital-grade disinfectants that can be used on it. We have made new innovations, such as one-piece and removable padded tops for a new modern look that make disinfecting and cleaning easier. This design was only available on our top-of-the-line Master’s Series, but will now be available on many more of our models.

What’s next for Oakworks?

Getting the Oakworks Shield out to spas. The latest science regarding transmission of Covid-19 points to aerosols, along with droplets, as being the prime culprits. Most aesthetic treatments don’t allow proper social distancing, so this is an essential tool.