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Your Health is Your Wealth

Halotherapy was originally “discovered” in the 1800s in Eastern Europe when doctors realized that salt miners didn’t suffer nearly as often from respiratory and skin conditions as others in the communities. These doctors then began to “prescribe” visits to the salt mines and at some point the mines even carved out separate areas for this original halotherapy.

Later entrepreneurs built machines to replicate this environment and modern halotherapy was born. Halotherapy Solutions’ equipment was designed in Estonia, one of the original locations for this early halotherapy.

Due to this history much of the research on halotherapy has taken place in Eastern Europe but is now starting to get more attention in other areas of the world such as the United States and Australia. Below is a cross-section of research in each area of halotherapy’s key benefits to get a start on the subject.

If you would like access to research on halotherapy it is recommended that you visit the following resources:

1) The World Halotherapy Association – an independent organization run by Dr Cindy Hollenbeck, who has extensive experience in respiratory diseases as well as natural remedies; and,

2) The Global Wellness Institute, a non-profit organization with a mission to empower wellness worldwide by educating the public and private sectors about preventative health and wellness.

Halotherapy Solutions was started by Steve Spiro, who is passionate about sharing the benefits of Halotherapy with the world. Steve has proven to be successful with his keen eye for innovation and appetite for growth. He spent time as an angel investor and was a valuable member of the original startup team of Audible, which sold to Amazon in 2008 for $300 million. He spent 15 years working at large consumer electronics and technology companies and 22 years as an executive in entrepreneurial businesses. His experience and dedication to Halotherapy propels us each and every day.  Steve is the Chair of The Global Wellness Institute’s Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Initiative, and is committed to increasing the scientific research around Halotherapy and guide businesses on how to best incorporate dry salt therapies to benefit their clients.