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By: Monique Blake – Being In Touch, Inc.
Florida Spa & Wellness Association Committee Member

“Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland in search of our better selves?” -The First History of Man. Mad Max

On August 3rd the Full Moon in Aquarius had the Leo Sun sitting across from it creating an emotional tug of war between what we desire and our social outlook.

Our goal is to understand how we can uniquely impact the world. We can get there when we make our heart the middle ground. Here, we can create a dynamic collaboration between the individual (Leo sun) and the collective humanity (Aquarius moon). Collaboration is not compromise. We are not meant to give in or give up our deepest desires.

With all that has turned upside down in the world, we may feel now is not the time to dream with our hearts wide open. That would be impractical or even impossible in today’s world. Actually, it is more imperative now than ever before. In fact, it is fool-hearted, dangerous and unhealthy to ignore or to pretend that you cannot hear the call for our better selves.

Yet so many of us consciously or unconsciously have done just that. We have spent our energy fitting our round peg into the square hole and in our attempts have squashed our brilliance. We lost our sense of fullness. We have set off wandering in this self-created wasteland littered with uninspired expectations and unrealized hopes.

For some of us, the wasteland make feel like a tiny box. For some of us, it may feel like an endless ocean. Regardless, it is time to stop living on the fringe of our own lives.

Clues as to where to take action may result from the Moon’s relationship to Uranus in Taurus. This can bring surprises that shake up our sense of security, stability and perspective. For some, the surprises may feel good. For others, it may feel less comfortable, Regardless, it will give us clarity.

Today, get super clear that sharing our unique spark of genius is THE gift we have for the world. Its full expression is what will give us our greatest sense of coming home. Today, get clear that it is worth fighting for. Get clear that it will mean that there are habits, people and things that we will have to detach from. That we will have to disrupt the status quo of our own life. And while this may make us anxious or afraid, nevertheless this is the good and necessary trouble to get us on our path to freedom.

As John Lewis said so perfectly, “Freedom is not a state; it is an act. It is the continuous action we all must take.” And, so let us begin. Conformity to a vision that does not create equanimity will never feed the heart. Compromise that requires us to feel trapped will not inspire the soul. It is time to leave the wasteland and return home to the best version of who we are meant to be.   Here’s to Freedom Seekers!