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Spa And Wellness Trends For 2020

As we move forward during this year of unprecedented changes, we look ahead to the spa and wellness trends that we foresee for the skin care industry. With our lives shifting dramatically in the wake of COVID-19, we turned to our in-house spa industry expert, Jessica Timberlake, for her expertise. As Eminence Organics’ PR Manager as well an Executive Committee member on the Board of Directors for the International Spa Association (ISPA), Jessica has her finger on the pulse for developments in the spa industry. We caught up with Jessica to learn how COVID-19 has impacted our spa & wellness trends predictions and to share the new predictions that have since come to light. Read on for her updated forecasting report for 2020:

Spa Trends

*New* Simplified Treatment Menus

In the wake of mandated business closures across the world, spas are reopening with simplified treatment menus. Look for shorter treatment choices, such as ‘flash facials,’ where you can experience a professional facial in 30 minutes or less, or even ‘touchless treatments’ such as guided meditation.

Waterless Treatments

Eco-conscious spas are looking for ways to limit excess water usage. According to the EPA, standard shower heads use 2.5 gallons of water per minute! By creating waterless treatment protocols, even for body treatments, spas are able to reduce water consumption. The products within our Stone Crop Body Collection were developed with this in mind, allowing spas to offer a waterless body treatment.

COVID-19 Update: Many spas are revisiting their water-based treatments, as well as showers, hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms – essentially, any area of the spa focused on water. A waterless body treatment is a great way to ensure comfort and safety.


Traditionally, spas have set service standards to ensure a consistent, similar experience for all guests. Now, spas are moving away from this “rinse and repeat” service model into tailoring each spa goer’s visit uniquely to their personal preferences. As just two examples, treatment rooms outfitted with a Bluetooth sound system allow the guest to play their favorite music during the service, or estheticians can customize your home care recommendations to as many or as few steps that you’d like.

COVID-19 Update: Now, personalization will become a mantra for all spa experiences. Spas will tailor their treatments in accordance with health and safety guidelines, and may even offer additional protective measures to align with your comfort level and preferences. For example, a massage therapist may not be required to wear gloves during a massage, but if you feel more comfortable this way, spas will be ready to accommodate.

Skin Care Ingredient Forecast

*New* Adaptogens

Avid skin care fans are already in the know about how powerful adaptogens can be to addressing specific skin concerns – be ready for this trend to become a mainstay. Ingredients such as reishi mushroom act nimbly to provide a custom set of benefits according to what your skin needs the most. This naturally-occurring adaptation further enhances existing routines.


There’s no doubt about it – clean beauty is now mainstream. As an organic skin care brand before it was a trend, we’ve remained mindful to seek the purest of the pure ingredients for our products. Biodynamic® ingredients have been a cornerstone of our ingredient philosophy for years. Now, we’re starting to see more and more companies understand the importance of Biodynamic® ingredients, grown in harmony with the seasons and the alignment of the earth, the moon and the stars. As a tip, look for the Demeter International seal to ensure the ingredients have been certified.

Crystals & Gemstones

Those who incorporate crystals and gemstones into their daily lives believe that the stones transmit energy vibrations that harmoniously balance the natural rhythms of the body.Now found in water bottles, on fashion runways, in yoga mats, and even adorning collars for your furbabies – crystals and gemstones are practically synonymous with wellness! Those who incorporate crystals and gemstones into their daily lives believe that the stones transmit energy vibrations that harmoniously balance the natural rhythms of the body. Whether it’s ingesting crystal-infused water, applying gemstone-based skin care, or simply absorbing the energy from a piece of rose quartz sitting on your desk, crystals and gemstones will be a mainstay of the beauty and wellness space in the year ahead.

*New* Oils & Humectants

The abundant use of hand sanitizer gels, sprays and wipes have left hands and skin dry and dehydrated. The industry will respond with products featuring humectants – ingredients that draw moisture from the air to keep skin hydrated – and oils which infuse into the skin and provide a protective barrier.

Wellness Trends

*New* Skin Care Products + Wellbeing

In this ‘new normal,’ wellness has become an integrated part of life for many. While ‘wellness’ has been traditionally incorporated through practices such as yoga or meditation, consumers will increasingly seek wellness from every aspect of their day, as a relief from stresses and anxieties. Spa goers will expect more than just great results from their skin care products – they will want their skin care products to impact their well-being and unite the body, mind and spirit.


Happiness is a trend, and yes, it’s all over the spa industry!  Finding happiness within yourself, your business and your relationships was a major theme at American Spa magazine’s Women in Wellness Summit.  Whether you’re a spa professional or a spa goer, the ubiquitous conversation on happiness is bound to positively impact you. Finding ways to integrate simple ‘happiness practices’ throughout the day will have a ripple effect – you receive a facial from a happy esthetician, you’re bound to feel joyful, and head back to your family or friends and, quite literally, spread the cheer.

Just for fun, here’s one of our favorite ways to create a happiness boost. Take three minutes and write down three things you are grateful for – and be specific. For example, don’t say just ‘flowers,’ say ‘the violets that bloomed on my kitchen windowsill.’ Now, encourage someone near you to do the same.


Aligning closely with the spa trend of personalization, is the understanding that wellness is truly an individual practice. Cooking a fresh meal, going for a run, taking a painting class, or sitting in silent meditation are some examples of wellness activities. But, perhaps going for a run causes you anxiety, so a yoga class feels better for you. Or you’re clumsy in the kitchen, so enjoying a farm-to-table vegetarian dinner at a local restaurant resonates with you more. Regardless of how you choose to practice wellness, listen to your individual needs and make 2020 the year to prioritize yourself. Thankfully, the spa and wellness world is ready with more ways to relax than ever before.

COVID-19 Update: Spas are places of nurturing and wellness. As spa-goers return to spas, they may experience a range of emotions. Be sure to communicate with your esthetician or service provider how you are feeling, so they can best customize the service to ensure your mental well-being is considered, just as much as your muscles or complexion.

by: Jessica Timberlake, Eminence Organic Skin Care