FSA “EAUchella” Event – Palm Beach – May 1, 2019

      by | May 6, 2019 | Past Events

      FSA EAUchella on May 1st, was a Bohemian Theme Event inspired to experience the free spirited life and wellness that we devote to our vendor partners and Florida Spa Community. Held in Eau Palm Beach Resorts “AquaNuts” kids center where a world of creativity and imagination was the main attraction in the exhibit area, FSA vendors displayed and demonstrated their impressive brands firing up their artistic cleverness.

      As spa guests arrived the expo dressed in boho chic outfits, they were met with flowing bubbles while they registered for the event and were given flower crowns and bracelets to wear for our festivities.

      The expo was a maze of ingenuity and originality that delighted spas as they experienced unique presentations and had the opportunity to meet and connect with vendors to learn about their products. Spa attendees commented on the fun adventure path and enjoyed this atypical way to connect, learn and discover.  Vendors expressed that they would have had to travel many miles over many months to gain the opportunity to meet one-on-one, in such a magical way as they did at this event.  Spas also experienced pampering treatments, compliments of esteemed skin care brands.  The vendor supporters of the FSA are the finest in the industry and are a key part of the association’s success and future.

      All attendees enjoyed a healthy gourmet plated lunch creating a memorable dining experience set in “Angel”, their farm to very elegant table at Eau Palm Beach’s modern American restaurant.

      Education is a significant aspect that the FSA always incorporates into events. The feature focus was on the rise of CBD, now on the fast track and trending into the wellness market. Currently excited to inspire professionals within the CBD movement on total body wellness, Damion Devine, our Motivational Speaker, presented “Natural Healing – the Power of CBD”. Learning about Cannabidiol (CBD), a natural-occurring constituent of the hemp plant, which is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, we were educated on the difference between CBD and THC and their widely known benefits. We learned how CBD can attribute to total body wellness and how it affects the body as well as how the endocannaboid system works.  This presentation enhanced knowledge on providing the most effective products being offered in the spa market today.

      Our event ended at the Eau Spa rotunda where all guests took a moment to pause, reflect and make a wish at the enchanting Wishing Well. As wishes were made and candles floated in the Wishing Well we all sipped on bubbly champagne and nibbled on scrumptious whipped cupcakes. Mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres, fine wines and cocktails were offered during our networking cocktail reception as guests mingled.

      Our journey at Eau Spa was a warm welcome to their grown-up playground where gratification and indulgence are not only acceptable, they are encouraged. It was a true experience in being a free spirit, enjoying the gift of laughter, the harmony of our community and where wishes really do come true!