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      Hero Ingredient


      Everyone loves a hero, right? A feel-good story, that sends shivers up your spine, is nothing short of amazing. Heroes come in all forms…..military, first responders, fictional characters, pets, a parent, and yes, even a skin care ingredient.

      The active ingredient of Sève Bleue from the Océans is that hero. This beauty water is collected from a natural reservoir, that is more than 72 feet below the surface of the ocean, off the Brittany Coast in France. But before reaching this reservoir, it has passed through layers of pink granite, that is believed to date back 290 million years, to become enriched with essential minerals.

      So, what makes this ingredient a hero? Let’s take a look at that. Not only is it naturally filtered, but it’s loaded with precious minerals and enriched with more benefits than seawater. What are those benefits you ask? Let me tell you. It is 14 times richer in Silicium, for optimal collagen synthesis, 12 times richer in Manganese, which is not only an anti-oxidant, but it also sends signals to the skin’s fibroblast cells to relax, reversing aging lines (think Botox®) and 8 times richer in zinc, for help with tissue repair, reducing excess sebum production, acting as an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant.

      Even with all that, it has incredible absorption abilities, intensely hydrates the cells, curbs water loss, restores the skin’s barrier function and drenches the skin in remineralizing vital water. How can you lose? You can’t.

      When it comes to skin care, we should always look for the best ingredients possible to treat our skin type and/or condition. Next time look for the hero ingredient Sève Bleue from the Océans, it’s for EVERYONE, you won’t be sorry.

      Beth Ann Maloney Trainer – Educator


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