Washington Spa Alliance symposium

by | Apr 10, 2016 | Past Events

On TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 2016, from 9 AM TO 7 PM, the Washington Spa Alliance symposium 6TH ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM took place at the NATIONAL PRESS CLUB, WASHINGTON DC.

Our visit to Washington DC started with a social gathering on the evening prior to WSPA’s symposium at the Caudalie’s City Center, where we mingled with friends and associates and caught up on each other with a glass of wine in our hands.  It was great to see members of our spa family!

The WSPA Symposium focused on “The New Language of Spa”…that was the word!

This interactive day-long event included local, regional, national, and international leaders in spa and allied disciplines, and explored the ‘cutting-edge’ of both ancient and new practices.  Many prominent speakers were among a long list of spa experts who shared insight on the roadmap of spa and its new language (direction).

Among some of the speakers who enlightened us on vision and insight forecasted for the spa industry were:

Phillippe Bourguinon, Vice Chairman, Revolution Places and Executive Co-Chairman, Exclusive Resorts, who shared the importance of understanding yourself and those around you in a changing world.

Pamela Peeke, MD Owner of Peeke Performance, discussed the intersection of healthcare and spa and how the two draw a parallel.

Susie Ellis, Chairman and CEO, Global Wellness Summit and Spa Finder, contributed insight into what’s trending in the world of wellness and top trends for 2016

-We listened to trends in architecture and design by Robert Henry, Principal of Henry Architects, and enjoyed an initiative recognition for accomplishments of leaders, visionaries, and luminaries selected for having made significant contribution to the modern spa experience during the Spa Hall of Fame, directed by Mary-Elizabeth Gifford, WSPA Co-Founder and Chari, who introduced this year’s recipient, Sylvia Sepielli, founder of SPAd and noted visionary.

Michael Tompkins, Chairman for ISPA, delivered a speech on the evolution of the spa industry and shared his perspective on where we are headed.

Mark Wuttke, Principal of the Wuttke Group, moderated a panel of Skin Care Experts on beauty in the spa landscape, which included Celestas Hilling, CEO Skin Authority, Barbara Close, Founder and CEO of Naturopathica, and Rose Fernandez, VP/ GM for Jurlique.

The symposium concluded with a presentation on Spa Organizations and why they work.  Paul Schmidt, Executive Director of Green Spa Network, shared his mission on building awareness on sustainability and the important role it plays in the industry. Our very own Ilana Moses shared her recipe for success in running the Florida Spa Association and how our family has grown and continues to move together toward a greater awareness in unity and education.

Thank you to Celeste Hilling, founder/CEO of from Skin Authority, for the acknowledgement on her facebook page.

Following the WSPA Symposium, a phenomenal day was spent on the Washington Hill on March 23rd, visiting with Senators.  Leaders in the spa industry gathered and attended 10 appointments with key wellness leaders in the House and Senate.  It was a very productive and eventful day for the spa industry. Read More…